Technology Is The Necessary Evil In Human Life – Downfall of Humanity

Technology is the necessary evil in human life. Technology the most creative innovation of the mankind. From spearhead, fire, to Internet, artificial intelligence. The human kind has dig into the technology to let out all the exposure for easy life. Human kind mingled with the brain power and technology to find led to the extend of being most dominant species in this planet. This technology which has helped us to fend ourselves from the predators, is now itself is our only predator we must be afraid of. Technology has given us so many power from electricity, To travel long distance and various Invention to carry out our daily life, which we now took for granted.

 technology is the necessary evil in human life

Technology has provided us so much that without it we can think a single point of our life. It has made us the most powerful predator on this planet. though technology itself has harnessed the damage it can put on the humankind which is unimaginable. It’s not very far that humanity will meet its end in the hand of technology itself because of the dangerous threat it poses. From nuclear disputes to artificial intelligence humankind we won’t have any existence on this planet due to the threat due to the up gradation on the field of the technology.


Technology has been affecting both in broad spectrum and in personal space. Economically it has put a question upon the need of physical labour in the industrial sectors. The invention of new machinery and technology has reduced the requirement of human labour becoming the more efficient tool in economic spectrum. This lead to the question of the work of human. People are loosing their economy for the introduction of various technologies in every sector of work. In near future technology may take whole labour working under its arena. Even in intellectual work various technologies have been introduced like computers, internet access. So, the physical labour of the human kind is at stake.


Well never to forget that nuclear weapon can annihilate whole human kind within a press of a button. And, many world leaders has the power to control it. USA and Russia now has most control over nuclear weapons. That it can even destroy the whole humanity which is very much fearful itself to think of the destruction of the earth biota is scary.

In recent times we have came over do you very viral topic of ex U.S. President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un Of North Korea giving threat of nuclear war to each other. Nuclear weapons are very much powerful that it can distract a whole city Within a Press of a button. The nuclear weapons are dangerous yet the supply of it is outburst. Apparently people are working and investing more on such tools which will bring a black day for mankind. Such technology should be dismantled before it comes in the hand of emotionally irrational person who can destroy an entire human kind within one press.


Technology can end the world with out the help of human aid in near future. Artificial intelligence is already a craze innovation going around the world. Human has been so relied on the technology that every work on now having a technical solution.  People are so dependent on computers on so many field , that computer has the capacity to be the solution. If such technology can reach such extent with just simple programming . It’s not much far that if programming are little advanced to make computers sentient they may outsmart human. Artificial intelligence is the recent example of that , if slightly more advanced programming systems can be induced in them to make them think their self. It’s not far that such technology would be rebel against their own creators.


Man made technology has most probably destroyed the mother nature in a very harsh way. The practical example we are facing is the climate change. Technology is giving us the thought situation to face along with pleasure. Burning of coal and gas has been one of the sole reason for increasing in the global temperatures, which is leading to the catastrophic change in weather pattern, drought and various other issues.

Due to the change in weather storms are most frequent,  earthquake is likely to be more repetitive. Such natural disasters leads to the increases  in mortality rate and destruction of live stocks. Such change in weather patterns leads to drought and fewer rainfall. Leaving with less drinking water and source of agricultural for leading life. Rise in the sea level also indicating the future destruction of various coastal cities. The technology which have been used for human benefits and aid will be the reason for the slow destruction of human itself. Certain actions  to be taken for keeping in  check with the climatic change. Either, new technology like solar panel, windmill, biogas etc has to be implemented. Or else the technology itself has to be withdrawn in a verge sector to stop the rampage of the mother nature on human kind .


Everything is now depends on humankind where they want to take the future of the technology and oneself. Finding the solution and implementing it will be the only answer to keep a check on the havoc that is slowly approaching us. The nuclear weapons has to be dismantled so that it doesn’t come in hand of a sick minded people. Or else we can take the past what happened in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The artificial intelligence is the question of all. Scientists may think of using it for good. But, making it the worst reality buy giving technology their own thinking will be giving free tickets to welcome the destruction. Technology of such should be avoided. So, too keep under a check on limited uses. Whereas as climate change is on  the hand of the human itself.

Use of the resources and technology has to be limited. Or else mother nature won’t wait very long now. Use of technology to enhance natural resources and to decrease the elements creating the smallest constituent of natural disasters has to be the priority now. Else it won’t be late for human kind to dig their own dead day by own hands.

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