Top 5 Cryptocurrency Platform In India

Cryptocurrency got a new found hype in India in recent time. Though cryptocurrency is nothing new to the market. A few years ago it showed it’s presence but as the rule and regulations has opened up a new platform to start new venture. People can now buy or invest on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum and more. Cryptocurrency usher has the privilege to buy or sell or exchange their crypto coins. People looking a platform for secure exchange of there cryptocurrency with good rate of exchange and user friendly. Some of the below mentioned apps are likely to be useful in this crypto exchange.



 WazirX app was launched in 2017 which was founded in Mumbai, India. Binance Holdings  has taken over it after many years. Its the best app for the crytocurrency exchange by trade volume.

Recently it has been popular in social platforms. This platform allows the invest of INR ,Us dollars and BTC. Interesting fact is wazirx has its own crypto coin WRX which can be bought by INR exchange.

In WazirX withdrawal and exchange using INR is very easy. WazirX crypto exchanges  are easy and one of the key features is easy interface. It helps a non-techie to navigate through the platform to buy and sell cryptos using a Live Open Order Book system.  people can  analyze prices, trends, and historical data by the help of integrated charting system.

 WazirX exchange is integrated P2P transaction engine with the Fiat Gateway platform of Binance. 70 cryptocurrencies can be buy and selled on wazirx. The transaction fees range from Rs 5-10 or the charging fees of 0.2 percentage  on the withdrawals. But the transaction through UPI is free. Know about Social Media Marketing.


It is one of the oldest cryptocurrency platform which is founded in Singapore.  The distributors of indian branch in Ahmedabad had to shut down its branch when cryptocurrency got ban in India. However after the hearing of Supreme court on uplifting the ban of cryptocurrency by RBI, it got its hype now. Many user have registered in Zebpay for cryptocurrency exchanges. More than 3 million users registered on the Zebpay cryptocurrency exchange.  The sign in detail is done through Mobile number and kyc. crypto exchange in this platform is credible . Its has a cutting-edge security which features a low transaction fees making the platform worthy enough. This app allows users across 130 country to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with zero trading fees. Zebpay offers six cryptos and 15 trading pairs.


One of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform is Unocoin which exchanges crypto asset and blockchain. Democratising the cryptocurrency exchange i.e. Bitcoins for Indians. Unocoin prefers to simple user interface and support the exchange of cryptocoins.

Unocoin transactions fees for the users on exchange  a fee of 0.7 percent on buying and selling their assets. WazirX is slightly lower on that comparison. Rate of such amount applicable on minimum usage of 60 days. But after 60 days  the app charges a fee of 0.5 percent on the transactions.

 live price tracker, a consolidated wallet for all crypto holdings such things make this platform quite a  name. User can automate the Bitcoin buying by setting the frequency and amount.

security features via finger ID and passcode are offered on this app. However typing the wrong code or wrong biometric ID, this app will log out. Through Unocoin mobile and DTH recharges  can be done with Bitcoins.


CoinSwitch is a very famous platform for exchange of cryptocurrency in india. 300 hundred crypto currencies are allowed in this platform for exchange. Users will have the to aggregated liquidity of India’s main cryptocurrency exchanges for getting the best deal. After setting the account the use of this crypto exchange is reliable.

It offers much more comprehensive offers than the other platform. It ensures a smooth user experience which helps to get the interest of indian audience. This app is easy to use and meant for both beginners and advanced traders.


In India CoinDCX is one of the growing crypto startups. This platform of crypto exchange app is known for its security features. This platform lets the user to buy 200 plus trade coins or sell it too. The Registration process is very easy and simple as for one time password registration with the phone number is required. Transactions charges on coinDCX is very less to 0.1 on the withdrawals.  Or no charges if the limit of withdrawal on Rs. 1000.  The security system of coinDCx is very extensive.  The user verification is done through google authentic apps.

This  platform ensures instant fiat to crypto conversions,. Users are provided an easy access to a diverse suite of financial products and services. So, most of them are supported by cutting-edge security processes with insurance protection. Insta in which they have launched their product  which enables fiat-crypto buying and selling. The product has also grown tremendously around 38%.

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