How To Build Game Like PUBG – PUBG Alternative

With the development in the smart technology, numerous applications have also been developed. Various tasks can be carried on by the mobile applications. The gaming industry also made the various games available in the mobile for free. But, however the revenue collected through these games is in huge amount. Here, we will discuss about building game like PUBG.

So, the gaming industry is viewing a widespread evolution and new opportunities in various mobile games. Nowadays, the gamers are in search of exciting games with multiplayer forum and great graphics. Player’s Unknowns Battleground i.e. PUBG was first introduced as desktop game but later on it was developed as mobile gaming. In this game players faces different challenges in an unknown island. And, the last one who is standing alive will win the game. There are many different other type of challenges based game which also helps the player to learn the movement in this game.

So, therefore building a new game like PUBG in mobile would be a great opportunity for the gamers. So, for the development of new game like PUBG developer should keep in mind about various points starting from game strategy to the technology graphics , effects, challenges etc. Top 10 proggramming languages for game development.


Points to be noted for developing the game

Game concept

Game concept is the basic idea which attracts the gamer most of the time. People love games with a great graphics and designs. But, somehow it want keep the attention long so, the game concept is the most important tool. In PUBG, the idea that many players will come in a deserted island combating with each other for their survival is exciting very much. This concept is interesting for the game lovers so building a similar game like PUBG developers should come with the great concept which excites the gamers. People would be interested in this game only when they’re engaged within it deeply. For this the game should have interesting fighting levels, challenges, synchronization, hardship, music which doesn’t bore the gamers.

To keep the players hooked various types of challenges can be included may the number of players 1 has to fight, using of various weapons, the time limit of the game, crossing various levels, various supportive tools, many mission to complete, minimum life limit to be maintained et cetera. Keeping small other mini games to engage the players interest in the game.

Strategy of the game

Gaming strategy is the very crucial step. Functioning of the game, challenges to be introduce, to keep the players interest in the game all of this should be kept in mind before starting the development of the app. In PUBG, they have wide variety of vehicles, weapons, various rewards and supplies, the graphics of the game, sound effects, visuals etc. everything have to be taken in consideration before starting the development.

The software launch platform

Selection of the platforms are also required in which the game will be built and launched. The game developers have put think about their targeted audience first. This thought have to be considered before the app is developed. Because, this will alone gain the popularity of the audience. So, Android and iOS stores add in the target for the game players. So, as many as game can we given to the mobile app store for launch. But, only few gets the popularity to be selected.


One of the most important aspect of online gaming is their graphics. The graphics of the game is enchanting especially when the users reach its highest setting. A developer should understand how much important great graphics is for developing any new game. Game having realistic graphics, additional features in the design, every minute detailing will be an eye candy for the users. The new game should contain the minute detailing along with 3D graphics, bright colors, adjustable resolution along with settings related to brightness and sharpness control. Players should have the access of selecting the frame rate and other details like colors brightness from smooth to high definition Will help do enjoy the game.

Sound system with visual effects is also a intrigued part of the game. The game should be designed in such a way that it should be available for every users in every system like mobile phone, desktop and tablet.

Monetization of the game

Mobile game development is very interesting and intriguing at the same time. If the developers can make a mobile game which can engage the user for a long time and keep their interest in it. Its monetization is also required. Before planning the development of the app the developers needs to plan the monetization of this game beforehand. Thus, for monetization creators can please add in different applications or can create an application with in app purchases for the players. Also, the developers can make a premium version for the players to buy and invest some of the money in the game four continue playing with new and interesting features.

Social media sharing

Nowadays, the games are more well equipped with social media sharing features. In the social media players can show there achievement also can share their interested games to the other social media users. This way the game will gain many popularities an audience. The player can share many things like the goals or the energy level stages crossed reward received game won et cetera.

Technology is required for the development of free game similar to PUBG

After all the strategies are made out the developers gather together. Their concept and required features of the game are made clear. They will select the best technology for the development of the game.

Some of the technologies like programming languages Use to develop a gaming app are
  • Java

For the development of game Java can be used. This programming language used as a site sourcing language. Also, for the launching of the app in various platforms either from desktop to the mobile phone. It is the official language to build any gaming app in Android which will make it easy to be launched in the Android device.

  • Python

This language can be used for the development of the core of the game. This language brings more security in the mobile gaming app. We generals the programmers and developers to develop a highly functional and adaptable game.

  • Unreal Engine 4

This particular language is coded under C++ language which leads to the realistic graphics amazing portability,

  • Pearl 6

This programming language facilitates simple and simplified inter-process communication and coding as it is an object oriented language. The errors are detected in very early stage making the development of the game mean app very faster.

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