Best 10 Programming Languages For Game Development

Programming language is now the basic thing for game development. For development of a functional app system people need to know the compatible language suited for that particular product. Coders need to understand the limitations and advantages of the each language more than knowing compatibility. What each language actually offer for app development for Android and iOS.

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Very experienced and skillful programmers are suitable for the job of game development. They need to have knowledge of programming languages with specific needs to work with. Such thing  can cost 100 millions of dollars.

Multiple languages exist that can help a person build an application of game for various platforms.  Like –
  • C++
  • JAVA
  • C#
  • LUA
  • HTML5
  • Unrealscirpt
  • Swift
  • PHP


The C/C++ programming language is an object-oriented language known to be one of the most difficult languages to learn. It has its limitations and challenges, but is one of the best language for programmers for game development.

It is challenging for beginners as it has a higher learning curve than most other languages. But extensive collection of courses and tutorials backs the beginners by guiding their programming journey.

C++ provides developers with greater control over hardware, graphics and memory management which allows for amazing game development. This is because it has a rich functional library, including  Standard Template Library. STL is a pool always ready to-use for several arithmetic operations, algorithms and data structures. This language is widely preferred for game development for its advanced capabilities, and the game engine used for coding game apps.


Java uses the same OOP principle utilised by C++ and offers a broader range of systems to play for. It is one of those few game programming languages that allows  developers  to use any system to develop games. Java virtual machine translates Java code into bytecode which runs on almost every system. This is one of the best programming languages for game development. Due to the availability of open-source modules, Java is widely used to create 2D and 3D games on many platforms, but especially on Android.

Prior to market presence, Java was almost a priority language for the development of small video games. Unlike C ++, the problem that exists with Java is that it runs inside a virtual machine, resulting in a performance loss while playing games.


It is one of the best programming language for game development. JavaScript is a modern web programming language used for coding almost all websites and web apps. But, it is incredibly versatile and also compatible with multiple platforms and devices, including iOS, Android, and desktops.

JavaScript is ideal for front-end development and used for coding with Unity 3D and building web-based game apps. However, Web programming languages are not entirely independent on each other. That means developers need to use them in combination to provide an exceptional user experience. In JAVASCRIPT it is easier to integrate the codes with conventional web technologies like HTML and CSS, leading to an increasing number of cross-platform mobile games.


Python is one of the easy to use and versatile programming language which is used by game developers. Because of it’s extensive library support python is one of the best programming languages around the globe.  It is a versatile programming language that follows OOP techniques like C++ and Java. Programmers can prototype their games at a fast pace because it has a Pygame framework.

However Android does not support native Python development. Therefore working on an Android game app some  tools and platforms are required to convert Python apps into Android packages  so that it can run on Android OS.


C # is a programming language is developed by Microsoft. C#  is one of the most popular languages and used in many game engines which is required for game development. C# is comparatively easier to learn than C ++. This has an XNA framework that means a set of tools and runtime environment by Microsoft. Making it  suitable for games on the Xbox or Windows. But in terms of flexibility and compatibility, this language is lower in rank than others but engines like UnityWave engine, etc. allows smooth programming in it.

C# runs on the .net framework and for a very long time. The .net framework could only be run on Windows machines. It is a good language used to create mono games virtually on any platform, including iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, and Windows. Also read best browser for PC 2021.


Lua is the most popular scripting programming language for game development. It is a scripting language designed to be small, fast, and portable made in Brazil. It can run on any device with a standard C compiler as it has a built in interpreter. This language also extends it’s libraries from other languages and vice versa which is a special mechanism.

Because it’s small it can be embed inside projects that are based on other languages such as C-#. But Lua can still end up using  in the projects. A lot of triple-A games titles have been made in Lua including Warcraft, AngryBirds, and civilization. Lua can run on Windows, Mac, IMB framework, Linux all sorts of mobile platforms.


It works with JavaScript and CSS to create a wide range of online video games. HTML5 have many new APIs and some outside graphics capabilities which supports  new elements, new attributes, video. And also 2d and 3d  audio graphics, local storage, local SQL databases in web applications. JavaScript are used for Unity 3D. HTML5 can now appear with more 2D and 3D graphics libraries with the help of JavaScript. JavaScript helps in video game development especially  in making games easier to run on online websites and smartphones.

It also has the ability to support audio and video which is new to html5 making it easier for developers to add video and audio using the tags.


A native scripting language known as unrealscript is infamous for Unreal engine. This language supports all major gaming platforms like PlayStation VR, Microsoft Windows, Linux, SteamOS, MacOS, and Android. It helps to combines complex features like OOP and multiple inheritances and fueled games


Being a multi purpose programming language Swift is a used to create custom games for iOS and MAC devices. It’s one of the best alternatives for iOS game development and easy to learn as well as better than using cross-platform languages. It is an open-source language, built with LLVM compiler infrastructure. It can be thought  as successor of objective C. Swift allows developers to write readable code, easily add or upgrade app features many more.

Swift works pretty well for front-end as well as  back-end development. But it’s features like type safety, pointer security, and automatic memory management can make it different from other languages.


For coding of MMORPG games like Warcraft PHP is one of the significant back-end languages. It is equipped with automation testing tool, powerful frameworks, debugging tool and deploying applications. The language mainly used for developing dynamic and data-heavy websites and applications. It has been the cornerstone of the web. But, slow website development compared to other programming language options, limited security, poor error handling etc. are some of its drawbacks though. However, its massive community support makes it easy to learn and get started with making web pages. However JavaScript and Python are replacing PHP rapidly for many game development projects.


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